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IISD wins 3 think tank awards

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an award-winning independent think tank working to create a sustainable future for the planet and its people.

Our vision is a world where people and the planet thrive; our mission is to accelerate solutions for a stable climate, sustainable resources, and fair economies. Our values:

  • People: Our primary focus is improving the lives of people and communities, fostering a more equitable and sustainable world.

  • Planet: We are committed to supporting the healthy ecosystems and biodiversity that underpin all thriving communities.

  • Excellence: We produce work of the highest quality, and our independent advice is backed by evidence.

  • Collaboration: We believe diverse partnerships produce better and more resilient outcomes.

  • Impact: We aim for creative, bold solutions with significant impact. We create the knowledge to act.

With offices in Winnipeg, Geneva, Ottawa, and Toronto, our work impacts lives in nearly 100 countries. IISD is a registered charitable organization in Canada and has 501(c)(3) status in the United States.

IISD receives core and project funding support from numerous governments inside and outside Canada, United Nations agencies, foundations and the private sector. For more detail, view our annual report.

We are guided by five core priorities – Climate, Resources, Economies, Act Together and Engage – which together form our CREATE strategy framework and guide our actions. They will lead to a stronger, more sustainable future.

To learn more, download Tomorrow Needs Us Today: IISD’s 2020-2025 Strategic Direction.